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Customer Care support@multisourcingbd.com
Q. What is Gamez Club ?
A. This is a WAP Portal consists of HTML 5, JAVA and Andriod games
Q. What is the daily charge for
Gamez Club service ?
A. Daily Charge: 1 lbs/Day
Q. How do I subscribe for the service?
A. Browse www.gamezclub.net
Q. How do I unsubscribe from the service ?
A. Type Unsub ms and send to 37637
Q. What type of Games will be available in this service ?
• Action • Sports • Adventure • Puzzle • Andriod • JAVA and many more
Q. What is the link to browse Gamez Club service ?
A. www.gamezclub.net
Q. Can I browse Gamez Club portal without subscription/registration ?
A. Yes you can.
Q. Can I download games without subscription/registration ?
A. No you can’t.
Q. This service will be automatically renewed ?
A. Yes
Q. Is there any browsing charge ?
A. For browsing standard data charges are applicable.
Q.I click on a link and nothing happens ?
A. Make sure that your Internet connection is working
Q.What do I require to enjoy Games on my mobile devices ?
A. To play a game, please make sure your mobile is configured with mobile internet settings.
Q. How do I send my feedback to Gamez Club ?
A. You can mail us support@multisourcingbd.com
Customer Support:
Support Email: support@multisourcingbd.com